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Reasons to hire a press office


A press office is a job that consists of publicizing a company, a product/service, or a professional in newspapers, magazines, news portals, and radios. Still, a lot of people are in doubt whether it’s worth investing in this service, so, in today’s post, we listed 5 reasons to hire a press office. Check out:

1-Publish your company: The press office work helps to keep your company/brand in evidence in the market.

2- Gain credibility: The consultancy works its image positively and is always ready to respond to the press and journalists.

3- Be a source of information about your market: With good advice, your company gradually gains space in the media that cover your segment to speak as an expert source.

4- More visibility: When your company is in the news, it consequently has a public preference and also more visibility.

5- Have your brand found on Google: How many more stories relevant and positive in the media, the more often your business will appear in Google search results.


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