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Press Office: when to hire?


Although many people know the functions of a press office, not everyone knows when to hire one, so in today’s post, we list some moments and situations in which this type of service is essential. Check out:


The assistance of a specialized team that knows such as the editorial line of the media and the public with which they converse, is crucial for a company, brand, product or service, to obtain coherent communication, transmit it from the beginning. the desired message, establish good relationships with journalists, and nurture positive media exposure.

Image strengthening

Through strategic work, the press office operates with relevant content and presents the company/brand spokesperson as a specialist in the sector in which it operates, promoting visibility and credibility in the press and the market.


Fundamental in the development and strategic planning of events, the work of the press office, in addition to providing credibility and good dissemination in the media, also enables the presence of journalists, a more expressive attendance of the target audience and, in the post-event, repercussion in the press.


Primordial to avoid distorted information, fake news and to minimize negative impacts on the client’s image, the press office is responsible for developing strategies focused on the management and resolution of problems that damage the credibility and relationship of a company/brand with the public.

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