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Press Office Questions


Although over time the press office has become essential and customary for most companies, many people still have some doubts about this service. See now the answer to 5 questions about the press office:

1 – What is Press Office?

It is the strategy of promoting a company, professional, or product in the media, such as newspapers, news agencies, magazines, TV stations, and other media.

2 – Why do companies always invest in this service?

Through this service, companies gain visibility and credibility, not only in the media but also with other stakeholders. The more positive mentions in the press, the more notoriety, and authority!

3 – How is this work carried out?

In a press office, all strategies are defined based on the client/company profile. After defining the most relevant topics for the person being advised, especially matters that generate interest in the media, the department starts a daily relationship with journalists from that segment, identifying opportunities to promote the client as an expert source.

4 – How to choose the right press office?

Looking for a specialized consultancy in your market segment is a good step to start. Another recommendation is to research the agency’s portfolio, as well as success stories and testimonials from partners and clients. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the company for presentation material.

5 – How to start a Press Office work with Mondoni Press?

Mondoni Press is a Press Advice and Communication agency focused on strengthening the brand, reputation, and engagement. To learn more, contact us by email:


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