We have influence on the Brazilian media in the areas of business, technology and innovation.

Invest in credibility and build reputation in the Brazilian market.

Mondoni Press is a Brazilian boutique agency specializing in the production of Information Technology, Innovation, and Business content. With expertise coming from newsrooms of newspapers, magazines, news portals, and television stations, we have developed a personalized public relations work with a focus on credibility and brand reputation.

With national media reach, we maintain a constant relationship with the press and develop an innovative and efficient strategy. With the support of a team established in São Paulo and partners in London, England, we serve Brazilian and international companies.

Our focus is to publish the company’s actions in the Brazilian media, such as newspapers, magazines, news portals, TV, and radio. It is also within our scope to serve social media and actions with digital influencers.

Constant relationship with the press!


Our services


Actions included in our services

⇒ Briefing;

⇒ Interviews with spokespeople and company representatives;

⇒ Writing of press releases (PR’s), notes, articles (ghostwriter) and other institutional content for the dissemination of products and services on the media;

⇒ Monitoring and preparing interviews, press events, product and service launches;

⇒ Follow-up with journalists;

⇒ Weekly clipping;

⇒ Monthly performance reports.

Social media

In an increasingly connected world, efficient communication on social networks is essential for credibility and brand strengthening. Thus, Mondoni Press develops specialized social media work.

How we work

⇒ Relationship with digital influencers and opinion leaders;

⇒ Production of strategic content for greater visibility;

⇒ Monitoring of social networks;

⇒ Graphic design production for social media;

⇒ Monthly metrics’ analysis of our social media actions.

Website and Design

Thinking about the need that entrepreneurs have to present their business on the internet, the Mondoni Press team also develops, within 45 working days, responsive websites with modern designs.

⇒ Web pages with responsive systems;

⇒ Google indexing system;

⇒ Intuitive navigation;

⇒ Contact Form;

⇒ WhatsApp button.

Specialized team to publish your marketing actions in Brazil.

Thabata Mondoni

CEO and Content Manager

Gabriela Amorim

Global Business Development

Larissa Yoshida

Content Developer

Natalia Rossi

Content Developer

Renata Noronha

Executive Accounts

Michele Bellini

Account Manager

Emillyn Silva

Social Media Designer

Adriana Silva

Executive Manager

Lucas Mondoni

Advertising and Photographer



Global Business Development Manager