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How to hire a press office


Press relations consist of promoting a company, a product/service, or a professional in the mainstream media. As it is a job that directly involves the image, visibility, and credibility of your brand, it is necessary to be very careful when hiring this type of service, and to help you with that, we have some really great tips. Check out:


List your company’s needs and the objectives you intend to achieve by hiring the press office. It’s important to keep in mind your target audience and the media you want to reach.

Type of agency

Searching for press offices specialized in your company’s market segment may be the best option.


When surveying possible agencies to work with your company name, it is essential that you know well the service offered by them. A really great tip is to look for the clients of these agencies and study several cases.

Prices and benefits

It is important to remember that the press office works with the image and credibility of your company, so despite the price being a differential, the curriculum and professionalism of those who will be hired should be put in the balance.

Mondoni Press is a boutique agency specializing in Press Advice and information technology content production. With expertise from newspapers, magazines, news portals, and television stations, we have know-how in translating the ICT market and its technical complexities into the news.

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